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We are NOT using "trade" to give your gaiaonline gold.

After you make payment, please put an item in your store, then our delivery men will go and buy your item. Set the price as much as the amount you bought from us.

The delivery always happens in 30mins to 24hours. If you don't get your gaiaonline gold, please contact our live help. You could either choose a full refund or 10% more for free.

You could easy to find them on the right hand side on the homepage or the left hand side on Dofus purchase page! You could also find them on "contact us" page.
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After the delivery, we will never take any refunds and also never ask for your password with any reasons. Please don't trust any one who ask you to give back the gp or password in the game! Long term trade based on the fair and safe environment. we are NOT responsable for any cheats after the trade.